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Payment & delivery

We deliver our parts with UPS to the Netherlands!

How much does shipping cost?

up to 5Kg up to 15Kg
up to 32Kg
up to 64Kg
12,10 €18,15 €24,20€48,40 €
How is the payment made?
The following payment methods are available to you: iDeal, PayPal, Visa and Mastercard.
Can I track my delivery?
When your order has been handed over to UPS, you will receive an email from the shipping service provider with a link to the package tracking and tracking number.
How long will the delivery take?

If your order is received before 3pm, your order will usually be processed on the same business day (except Friday and Saturday), so your delivery to the Netherlands will take 3-4 business days. Please note that orders from Friday 12 noon until Sunday can only be processed on Monday.